Help and FAQ

PoenyPal® Help & FAQ

Most questions about the PeonyPal® installation and use can be answered by reviewing the introductory video but if you still have questions and the information below does not address your issues please contact us either by email at or by calling our toll free number at 800.608.3315

  • Can I install my supports after the plant has grown?
    Yes you can. PeonyPal® was designed to be installed at any time during the growing cycle. The spiral shape and the central support shaft will allow you to install the support on even the largest plants without damage to the plant. Even if the plant has grown so large that it’s laying on the ground. If you can lift it up you can install The peonyPal®.
  • Can I leave it up all year even through the winter?
    Yes you can although we don’t recommend. We have made the PeonyPal® from hi grade steel and have powder coated it for long life.
  • How long can I expect my PeonyPal® to last.
    We guaranty the product for 5 years, there is nothing to break or wear out.
  • My plants are very large how can I make it larger?
    You can purchase an extra center support to extend the height or you can purchase our modular plant support system the TomatOH! Holder® which will give you all the flexibility to support your plant no matter the size.

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